Stadiums and over specified events
If you thought you would bring your drone to a stadium full of people, you are wrong. It is imperative to note you are not allowed to. You are not allowed to fly your drone in a stadium while a sport such as baseball, football, or racing is in progress. This law is effective starting one hour before the event starts and one hour after the event ends.

You drone should not fly anywhere around an airport. If you have to fly it there, then you need to inform the authorities at the airport so that they can keep tabs on your drone. Without permission, you are flying against the law.

Sensitive airspace
This is where the altitude comes in. you should not fly your drone above the allowed airspace, which is usually 400 feet. This is to avoid collision with other aircraft or confuse airport control towers and pilots.

Any airspace that is controlled for special activities is also prohibited. This includes military operations base, restricted and prohibited airspace etc.

Your drone should not interfere with a firefighting operation. Flying in an area where firefighters are fighting a wildfire is therefore prohibited. All other areas where emergency teams are working are also restricted. Your drone should not go anywhere near such an operation as it can confuse the workers.

The bottom-line

Flying a drone should be a fun experience. You only need to make sure that you do not endanger anyone’s life while you are doing it. This means that you should learn the rules and regulations around your area before you go out flying.

But if you can keep the following in mind then you will be okay.
Do not fly near people, buildings, or cars.
Do not go too high or out of sight.
Do not fly near an airport. If you have to, then give notice to the Airport Operator/Manager.
Do not fly at night or in harsh conditions where you cannot control your drone.

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