You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good drone. Many good products can be accessed at less than 50 dollars. Granted, you will not get the best quality drone on the market. Certain premium features are not accessible at higher prices.

In this section of the post, we will help you choose the drone under that’s suitable for you. Here are some aspects and features you should consider when shopping for a drone:

Headless Flying Mode

Some drones are designed with the headless mode which makes it easier to operate the quadcopter. This feature allows you to fly the drone with no regard to the head of the device. Instead, the drone will move with respect to the direction of the remote controller. The headless flying mode is particularly important to beginners since they don’t have enough experience flying such devices.

One-key return

This feature will make your drone come back to the remote controller with the push of a single button. Some devices in this price range also have a one-key take off feature which flies your drone when you press the given buttons. These features are ideal for inexperienced flyers since the quadcopter can easily get lost when it gets out of sight.


Most drones in this price range don’t have a high-quality camera. Those with cameras are usually lacking in other features. The camera is more important to people who are interested in aerial photography. When shopping for a drone with a camera, you should also check whether it can transmit live feeds from the quadcopter’s perspective. Others can simply take pictures.

Quadcopters at this price are unlikely to have high-quality cameras, but you still need to check the photo and video resolution of your camera. If you are not exactly interested in aerial photography, you can choose to pick a device with higher performance and simply attach a keychain camera.

360 Degree Flip

Some drones also come with the 360-degree flip feature. This can be entertaining, especially for kids. You simply need to push a button, and the drone will flip.

Altitude Hold Mode

Closely related to the 360-degree flip feature is the altitude hold mode. This feature allows the drone to hover in the air and even ascend or descend, making it even easier to manipulate.

With the altitude hold mode, you will be able to focus more on the elevator controls and aileron since you don’t need to pay attention to the throttle stick. This feature is best used in calm environments since wind can affect the altitude readings of the drone.

Gyro Stabilization

The gyroscope is meant to sense the angular velocity of the drone and, therefore, keep it stable while in motion. Ideally, you should go for a quadcopter with 6-axis gyro. These have two 3-axis gyros and are more resistant to displacement when flying.

If you choose a lighter drone, you should consider flying it indoors since the weather can affect the stability of the device. Manufacturers usually state the strength of the wind that would affect the quadcopter, and these guidelines should be followed strictly. Otherwise, you may end up losing your drone.

The Flight Time

Drones are designed to fly for limited periods. Products within this price range are bound to have short flight times, but you can easily get one that can fly for 10 minutes. The shortest flight time should be five minutes.

You can lengthen the flight time by buying additional batteries. In some cases, the drone will need resting time between flights, so you should read through your manual first. Using the drone in fair weather will allow you to fly it for a longer period since it can turn and make other movements easily.

Charging Time

The batteries can take up to 2 hours to charge fully. You should consider the charging time when shopping for a drone, especially if you don’t plan to get extra batteries. People with multiple batteries can just charge them a day before and enjoy flying the quadcopter for some time the following day.

To enjoy longer flights, you may have to get rid of the camera since it adds weight to the drone. Also, the cameras are normally designed to connect to the copter, and this consumes the battery faster. You can choose to upgrade your battery, although this may eventually make the quadcopter heavier.


The distance you can fly the drone can be anything over 50 meters. Kids and inexperienced flyers will enjoy using a drone with a range of only 50 meters. However, other people might need to get one with a range of at least 100 meters. This is usually the best available range for drones at this price point.

In some places, flying drones beyond your level of sight is limited or even prohibited. If you live in an area with such laws, you shouldn’t concern yourself much with finding a quadcopter with a long range.


The weight of the drone will affect its speed. If you are looking for a racing drone, be sure to go for a light one. For the best performance, you may have to abandon other features such as the first-person view (FPV) camera.

If your drone is heavier, you may have to register it before flying it for the first time. Lightweight drones are also not suitable for use in harsh weather. Such devices are usually meant to be used indoors.

The Warranty

Drones are covered by warranty agreements, and these can be used to assess the quality of the product. Typically, quadcopters of lower quality will have shorter warranties while those of higher quality will have more extended warranties. It is important to go through the agreement and the user manual since not all types of damages will be covered.

Spare Parts Availability

As a rookie flyer, you will almost certainly crush your quadcopter as you learn how to fly it. That is why manufacturers usually include spare parts in the box. For a drone under 50 dollars, you should look for at least four extra propellers and one mini screwdriver.

The box should also have a charger for your battery. If your drone has a camera attached to it, you should also expect a USB cable to transfer the pictures and videos to your laptop or phone.

The Controller

The controller or transmitter is meant to help you manipulate the quadcopter remotely and wirelessly. If you are looking for a hobby-grade quadcopter, you should find a controller with at least four channels.

Most quadcopters have controllers with 2.4 GHz frequency. If you want longer ranges, you should look for those with lower frequencies. Your controller should also have an ergonomic feel, meaning the keys and buttons should be well positioned. The best way to tell how a transmitter feels in the hand is by referring to user reviews.

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